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24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 325-643-2699 OR TOLL FREE 888-313-2699

The mission of The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc. is to provide safe shelter and comprehensive resident and non-resident services through advocacy, referrals, and education to support and empower victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault, one family at a time.



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Brownwood, Texas – April 25, 2016 - The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter (The ARK) is in the midst of their biggest fundraiser of 2016; appropriately called The Envelope Challenge.  It's all part of an innovative approach to fundraising and something new that The ARK has never done before.

The Envelope Challenge is a display of 100 envelopes set up in the foyer or fellowship hall of each participating church. Each envelope is labeled with a dollar amount from $1 to $100 and the church members are encouraged to make a onetime donation to the ARK, choosing the amount that they feel comfortable giving. They detach the envelope from the display and place their donation inside that envelope. The envelope has a place for the donor's name and address (for the donation letter to be sent) and the name of the church the donor attends.  There is a slotted box nearby to place the envelope inside. The challenge is for that church to fill all 100 envelopes. No one is bound by the amount on the envelope, as they can give a smaller or larger amount.

The ARK primarily receives its funding from grantors and the grantors require that each year they raise a specific amount of money from the community in matching funds.  In the past, they have held a major gala to raise the necessary money for the matching funds, but this year, the board decided to take a different direction.  

"While I always love a good party, I do think the idea that 100% of a donation going directly to operating expenses will greatly appeal to donors.  When we have to spend over 50% of the proceeds just to pay expenses for the gala, we really don't bring all that much to the bottom line,"  said Board Vice Chair Ann Beadel.  "This gives supporters of The ARK the opportunity to give, knowing that every cent of their money will pay utilities, food, counseling, or other needs of operation and they get a full tax receipt for that donation."

Mary Silver, Volunteer/Program Coordinator, spoke to the congregation at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Brownwood and the First Baptist Church of Comanche.  She will be addressing parishioners at New Life Assembly of God on May 22nd.  The displays are at those churches and  in the lobby of the administrative offices at 2900 Coggin Avenue for those who wish to stop by the ARK and make a donation there. 

The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter (The ARK) provides a safe place for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and their families from three counties; Brown, Coleman and Comanche. For more information about The ARK or the services provided by The ARK, please contact the ARK at 325-643-2699. You can also go online

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